The Johnnys on stage with Cindy Cash & Wanda Jackson at the Johnny Cash Music Festival USA  2012

The Johnnys, The World's First and Only All girl Johnny Cash Band

'One thing I know dad would say, 'An all girl band singing my songs. I want to hear this! Oh, how he did love the girls.'
Cindy Cash 2012. (daughter of Johnny Cash)

From NZ’s Wild Foods Festival to the prestigious US Johnny Cash Music Festival The Johnnys have forged themselves a great reputation... delivering Johnny Cash songs like no one has ever heard them before and without even a whisper of a baritone on stage.

After playing at the 2012 Johnny Cash Music Festival in California Cindy Cash  
said..'Their performance was amazing and we are hoping to see them again next year.'

'With a band covering one of the great music legends it is inevitable that comparisons will be drawn between the two but it is impossible to pigeon hole the Johnnys. They have stamped their own special brand on the great mans music. These girls enjoy their work and it shows. If you havn't seen them perform you are missing something special.'
David Elvy/Fan

‘From 'Ring of Fire' to ‘A boy named Sue' If you love Johnny Cash, you'll love 'The Johnnys.
See the Johnnys live and you'll hear character filled renditions of all of the Cash classics coloured with goose bump breaking vocal harmonies and infectious undertones of the pacific.
But The Johnnys dont just put on a unique and slick performance, they entertain and engage the audience, the crowd become part of the show, singing at the top of their lungs and dancing like there is no tomorrow. 
Ask anyone who has been to see The Johnnys and they’ll most likely say ‘it was the best night out I have had in years’.

'Good on you girls!! Couldn't imagine how girls could do Johnny Cash songs but it's awesome !'
Ms Jenwren /Fan

'The lead singer Suzi is an absolute standout in every regard – engaging the audience, driving the band, stunning wardrobe, stage presence and an amazing voice. Along with her band they are without a doubt a very polished act.'
Geoff McLean,Deville ,Nelson NZ

The Johnnys, ‘The Worlds First and Only All Girl, Johnny Cash Band’
.....a world class show and the best night out ever.

'Great entertainers!'
Nita May/Fan 

Based in Nelson, NZ, The Johnnys are:

Liala Gianstefani, AKA Fancy Pants.
With rhythmic influences spanning Africa to the Middle East and back again, Fancypants puts the ‘rock’ into Rockabilly and drives the Johnnys train all the way home! All the while dressed in the fanciest rockabilly dresses that would make any pageant queen envious.

Jo Taylor, AKA JT. 
The Johnnys without JT would be like country fried chicken without the crispy coating!..A mighty fine performer, bassist, harmonica player and vocalist JT adds lashings of the Johnnys authentic country flavour.

Suzi Fray, AKA Johnny and ‘The Woman in Black’.
Often funny and always cheeky Frays vocal and guitar style sits comfortably on the ears, caressing the Johnny Cash tunes with a believable delivery that sounds nothing like 'the man in black' but like Cash exudes personality.
Combine Fray’s historical Cash commentary and funny stories in between songs and you have a entertainer as great as the best of them and as genuine as Johnny Cash himself.