Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The Johnnys

All girls…all Johnny Cash

If Johnny Cash were still alive there’s no doubt he would love ‘The Johnnys.’.and not because they ‘re girls..
The Johnnys are not a tribute band but rather, a tribute to ‘The Man in Black’ as the all female line up only play Johnny Cash songs but,with over 1400 Cash songs to choose from its guaranteed The Johnnys will always be fresh.
The Johnnys deliver Johnny Cash like no one has ever heard it before but without even a whisper of a baritone on stage. What you will hear is however is sensitive yet character filled renditions of all of the Cash classics coloured with goose bump breaking vocal harmonies, infectious undertones of the pacific and a rhythm section Johnny Cash himself would have been happy to play with!

Laying down the cool country grooves, direct from Hokitika on the wild West Coast comes drummer extraordinaire, ‘Liala Gianstefani.. (AKA ‘Fancypants’ )
Armed with a heavy artillery of rhythmic influences spanning Africa to the Middle East and back again to good old Rock and Roll, Fancypants was born to be a ‘Johnny’ from the first beat of her sticks.

Bass Player, Jo Taylor (AKA JT) was also born with music in her blood.
Born and bred in Nelson JT’s whole family plays music and she’s been strumming, singing and beating something her entire life. The Johnnys without JT would be like country fried chicken without the crispy coating!..A mighty fine performer, bassist, harmonica player and vocalist JT adds the Johnnys authentic country flavour and proves beyond question that only women can multitask and that not all outstanding musicians are already famous!.Past musical highlights include forming member of Nelsons 90’s Art rock band Alfalfameo, bass player for ‘Karen Hunter’ and ‘Red Herring’ and currently the dynamic vocalist and           frontperson for alternative rock band ‘The Crystal Set’.

Ex Drummer,vocalist and songwriter of Nelsons celebrated all girl band ‘Queerfish’ and ex ‘Yellow 7’ songwriter/vocalist and guitarist is Suzi Fray (AKA Johnny). Formerly only having ever played her own songs Fray leaps wholeheartedly into ‘the fray’ with this musical project taking on lead Johnny position as, ‘the woman in black’. Often funny and usually cheeky Frays vocal and guitar style sits comfortably on the ears, caressing the Johnny Cash tunes with an honest, relaxed and believable delivery that sounds nothing like the man himself but like Cash exudes personality and will not leave you wanting. Fray also plays a mean guitar and sometimes a very engaging happy ukelele!

So hear the news Johnny Cash Fans… the word is out 
from small town public halls and public bars, to festivals, weddings and corpoarate parties..  The Johnnys are here and playing live, soon…at a good time near you!

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