Saturday, 5 May 2012

Johnny Cash's daughter gives The Johnnys the big thumbs up!

As if an invitation to play at the prestigious US Johnny Cash Music Festival wasn’t enough -  the band has had a fantastic response from Johnny’s daughter to lead singer Suzi Fray’s tribute song ‘Cinnamon Hill’.

The Nelson based Johnnys are off to the Johnny Cash Festival in Ventura California in June and have been communicating with Cindy Cash, who said of Suzi’s song:  “I have stopped my world tonight to listen to 'Cinnamon Hill' by Suzi Fray. WOW! I was mesmerized. I cried as I heard my dad saying the same words that Suzi sang.” 

Inspired by Cash’s autobiography, Frays ‘Cinnamon Hill’ tells the story of Cash’s home in Jamaica and the sanctuary it provided from the hard road of touring.

Fray uses some of Cash’s words in the lyrics and says she is absolutely ‘blown away’ that her song rings true for Cindy.

“That’s what I was trying to achieve  - I was just so moved when reading his story that I wanted to communicate Johnny’s feelings in a very real and candid way, in a human way not as star.”

Cindy also said that she loves the song and the band: “I am completely taken aback by the voices and the words of this song. I couldn't be happier or more proud to welcome this band to our festival. One thing I know dad would say, 'An all girl band singing my songs. I want to hear this!' Oh, how he did love the girls!”

The Johnnys will be playing ‘Cinnamon Hill’ Live for the first time at The Johnny Cash Music Festival on June 16 as a personal tribute to the Man in Black.

The Johhnys are raising money to get to the festival and are selling gigs ‘Cash  Up Front’ and holding fundraising concerts including  one at The Boathouse on Friday 25 May, with the second at The Playhouse in Mapua on Saturday 9 June.


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  1. Way cool,Dudettes! The Johnnys rock out and you have an awesome sound!Proud of you all and good luck! See you at the Nelson gigs.